Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby's face breaking out?

My 3 month old is having a horrible time with breaking out on the face. I've tried hypoalergenic baby soaps, not putting lotion on her face, using Eucerin, using only 'free' detergents for everything washable in the house...nothing has helped.

My husband and I don't wear any colones or scented lotions.

Any suggestions?

Baby's face breaking out?
I am glad someone asked this question -- I have the miracle cream for you! Aquafor!!

This stuff is awesome!! My wife bought it, and we used it on both of our kids' faces.

Babies will just break out, mine would sometimes when I needed to shave and I would be holding him and snuggling with him.

This Aquafor is available everywhere and you will notice it working in hours. I kid you not!

Try it!

Hope this helps!!!
Reply:Wash his face 3 times a day and make sure milk doesn't stay on his face for two long.Also make sure his face is cooled down sweat can cause break-outs.
Reply:My daughter has eczema, and it too looks like she has a break out. If eczema is the case you should lotion the baby up all the time!! Limit baths to only 3-4 times a week, after all babies don't get terribly dirty. Sponge bath and LOTION LOTION LOTION!!! There is eczema lotion for babies but Johnson and Johnsons works just fine. If you notice your baby rubbing his/her face into your chest then it probably itches and a hydro cortisone cream will help with itchiness. Go to the Pediatrician they will be able to tell you definite answer!
Reply:Could it be an allergy to something else? My friend's baby is allergic to peanuts and they found out just because there were peanuts in the house. He never ate them. If you're breastfeeding, it could be something you're eating that is bothering him too.

Your dr may be able to do an allergy test on her. I would also try all natural baby soaps, Weleda or ZUM wee soap. You can find these online, or at a health food store. I don't know where you live, but in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, Meijer makes an all natural laundry detergent. You may be able to get that online - Trader Joe's may have something too to use for laundry. Even if it's free and clear name brand laundy soap, there are still chemicals. She might just be really sensitve to something in that? Worth a try!

Best Wishes!
Reply:My daughter had that happen. Well, is having that happen. It could be heat rash, try cooling your baby down a bit. It could be acne, or clogged pores as silly as it sounds.

I am using Mary Kay on my daughters face (I have it because I sell it, and my mom suggested using it). Believe it or not, it's helping a bit.

The other thing I noticed was that her face looked a lot better after swimming at a pool. I think maybe the chlorine dried it out some.

Our doctor called it "contact dermatitis" which I didn't really buy because he changed his mind from eczema (not spelled right) when I asked if it could be from drool. He suggested hydrocortizone cream, 1% but it only took away the redness, not the bumps.

Anyway, hope that helps. We are going to the dermatologist next week. Good luck!
Reply:Baby oil is the best solution use it and you wont regret
Reply:Ask the baby's doctor for advice.
Reply:My son went through the same thing when he was that old. Just don't mess with it, bath him as usual. It'll go away once he gets older. My son is 6 months old now and his face is as clear as day. No worries!

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