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Is my face (260mm) too long for the size of my body (166cm/5'6")?

I'm only 166cm / 5'6" tall, but my face (measured from top of the skull including hair to the bottom of jaw) is 260mm /10.2 inches long. I always feel that my head is too big...

whats the height of your skull? please also state your height when you give your data

and if you dont mind, can you also roughly measure your facial width? mine is around 150mm which is apparently too big too. damn

and finally another question, whats the common cause for overgrowth of face? would lack of calcium lead to this?

Is my face (260mm) too long for the size of my body (166cm/5'6")?
dont worry for anything.. :)
Reply:i meant '' forget you""

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Lotion for face slimming?

I heard that there's a shop in Paragon that is selling a facial lotion that can get rid of the fats on one's face, hence causing the face to become sharper and more defined... anyone aware of this lotion or anything similar? i've tried some but it is not so effective... so was wondering if anyone has anything better to recommend?

Lotion for face slimming?
it is not fat reducing lotion. it is firming gel, but genereally used below neck only. then there are age defying lotions of various but artistry major no 5 in cosmetics, has rejuneavting serum, whihc is equivalent to botox treatment(major, skin treatement for age contrl)

The pores on my face are wideninf by the minute. Please help me so that I can have them the normal size?

In my teenage years I suffered from acne so I washed my face a lot. Recently I noticed that the pores on my face especially those on the cheeks and forhead are widening. I can see them from a mile a while. I need to know what is causing this and how I can help my face

The pores on my face are wideninf by the minute. Please help me so that I can have them the normal size?
It would seem that your skin is of the oily type. If so, try a face wash for oily skin, supplemented by day %26amp; night creams for oily skin.
Reply:your face dosent belong in cleaning and laundry
Reply:Treat yourself to a facial.
Reply:Why are you under cleaning and laundry?
Reply:u should use clean%26amp;clear deep face wash it helps my pores
Reply:Keep out the sun for definite! This will only make them worse!

Clinique 'Pore Minimizer' is brill, its a face wash that warms up, opens pores cleans them, then close pore with a toner after wards....Good Luck!
Reply:Try a facial toner. Neutorgena makes a good one. They have all sorts of goodies to clean your face. Hope this helps!
Reply:A dermatologist can answer that with ease
Reply:try one of the new pore redefining face washes that are out I think by Neutrogena supposed to shrink noticeable pores.
Reply:try proactiv products,really works

For the Face, I use a mud mask from Queen Helene and then apply Honey on my face and wash it.?

Do you think this would help my skin in any way.I was also thinking of using rosewater as a toner after all this.Or maybe glycerine.I don't like using chemical on my face ,do you think this would help?

For the Face, I use a mud mask from Queen Helene and then apply Honey on my face and wash it.?
Dont use glycerine. Many beauty products contain glycerine, but like 2%, that could really be a bad turnout. Stick with products, instead of trying to find something of your own, just to avoid anything drastic. I use Queen Helene's Mint Juliep mask, and i absolutley love it. I also use it as a spot treatment, just dab it on a problem pimple before bed, when u wake up ..u will notice a huge difference! good luck!
Reply:You could also mix a little warm milk into the honey.

Also, use witch hazel as a toner- it's 100 natural and very gentle.

Rosewater %26amp; glycerin is nice, too.
Reply:I just had a facial last week and the aesthetician was pushing a lotion with a lot of vitamn C in it. She said it's wonderful for your skin. It was like $50...I looked on GNC's web site and see there are a few Vitamn C face lotions much much cheaper. Personally, i'm getting that for the winter.
Reply:Save yourself some trouble, go to the store, and buy Biore` Self Warming Mask. It's soothing and it works WONDERFULLY. Also, I don't think you should use glycerine. I've heard that it can burn your skin.
Reply:I absolutely love this mask. It works wonders all around.

I read somewhere that using honey + sugar (for less oilier skins) or honey + salt (for oilier skins) work great as scrubs. You could try that.

BEST EYE&FACE makeup!?

please help. wat lasts thruout the whole school day as face makeup and eyeliners???? i only put eyeliner on the bottom and not on the skin but the part RIGHT under ur eye. and also...i have 3rd period pe out of 7 periods so i can reapply anything there. but any tips? any brands that u can give? face makeup%26amp;eyeliners!

BEST EYE%26amp;FACE makeup!?
try MAC, they are REALLY good and reliable. even though they are expensive, but i think its worth it.
Reply:i would use cover girl...thats what i use and i have gym first block and it doesnt wear off and maybe if it does bring ur makeup to school and after gym redo it if it did wear off
Reply:N.Y.C. liquid eyeliner is amazing, a really easy to use brush, comes in different colors, very cheap (around $2) its stay long without fading, my fave eyeshadows are from NYX and also the compact powder Twin Cake from the same brand (it has sunblock and stays true to your natural color, around $11) to work out any shine don't over stuff the sponge with the powder, just slightly, and DON'T rub it in your face, just dab where the shine is, you can also use a small brush...the whole line of NYX is awesome it has liquid liners too and also the pencil versions.....

NYX is the competition for M.A.C., and trust me the prices are very very affordable!!!!!
Reply:origins all the way!! i have PE first period and it works awesome staying on. i use origins everything. face cleanser, maosturizer, toner, foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. they all work really well =]
Reply:Avon eyeliner works really good!!
Reply:almay is what i use... and i use covergirl cover up and maybelline mascara.. it all depends on what you like.. trial and error type thing.


I bought a OXY FACE SCRUB ACNE TREATMENT but how long do i have to keep it on my face?

cause i read the directions and only says wet face,gently massage face and rinse thoroughly but 4 how long like 3 minutes? or what?

I bought a OXY FACE SCRUB ACNE TREATMENT but how long do i have to keep it on my face?
for about 60 seconds.rub slowly though.
Reply:Wet face, wash w/ Oxy and rinse off. Don't leave it on. It's supposed to be used like soap.

This better. First, drink loads of water. Arbonne has a great acne product called Arbonne Clear Advantage. It's all natural, no harsh chemicals, and not tested on animals. It was tested on humans.

Click on Shop Online; then click Beyond Basics. When you decide to buy, top right under Consultant ID 16873267; Pin 1651.

If you like the product, it’s prudent to sign up to get (1) 35% discount and (2) autoship and (3) you'll be more beautiful!
Reply:You should rub it into your face gently, spending about 90 seconds on the whole face. Once your face is clearer, you should only spend about 30 seconds rubbing it in.

You have to attack acne where it starts, with your diet. For me, diet was the cause and solution. Topical medications fight the symptoms. Start by eliminating trans fats and eating more fruits and vegetables. Once you start cleaning up the inside of your body, by eating properly, the outside of your body (your skin) will be get cleaned up too. I started a website to document my problem and solution.

You might find it helpful to read my story. Just remember to eat an all natural/organic diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Stay away from processed foods. Use mild, all natural cleansers and don't pick at your face. Get lots of sleep and enough water for your body weight. Remember, clean body = clean skin. While you're waiting for your skin to clear, remind yourself that acne is a challenge that you will overcome soon. Once you're rid of it, tell all your friends how you did it. That's what I'm doing. God Bless.
Reply:Rub slowly for 60 seconds then rinse off
Reply:You can gently rub your face for 1 minute. 3 would be too long and you could end up irritating your skin.

I have dry skin on my face, and I don't know how to get rid of it.?

I have really bad dry skin on my face. I think it's from me taking these antibiotics the doctor prescribed for me. But it's on the right side of my face, going from my lip to my eye. I've tried everything there is to try. I've used night products that are supposed to moisturize your face, I've moisturizing creams, gentle face cleansers, and nothing seems to be working. Please help!

I have dry skin on my face, and I don't know how to get rid of it.?
Most of those over the counter products don't work or are more harmful. Do a Search on Answers for facial dry skin and you will find that is the experience of many.

Here is a safe, natural, low cost treatment that really works. If you apply to entire face you will find a remarkable curing of dry skin and also of most other skin conditions. Unfortunately we make skin unhealthy by use of soaps, skin cleaners and countless other products that have harsh chemicals and ingredients which harm skin. The way to make skin healthy again is to stop using and use a natural tea tree oil face wash or a very mild cleaner with no harsh ingredients and a regime of massaging face with a nourishing natural oil - coconut oil is excellent. It quickly absorbs and doesn't leave face looking oily. It's best to make the massage quite firm and vigorous. Do this everyday. It's best a night and to sleep without removing oil(use an old towel to protect pillow). You will find it very effective and in about a week you will see a much healthier, vibrant shin. Spots, dry skin, oily skin, large pores etc. will go away overtime if massage maintained. You can then keep up a less frequent massage for it to stay that way. I had countless skin problems incuding seriously dry skin and this treatment completely and permanently rid me of all of them. I have had a totally blemish free, radiantly healthy skin for many years. I found I don't need moisturizers or any other product as my skin naturally moisturizes. Only unhealthy skins need moisturizers and all the many other products that persons with unhealthy skins feel compelled to try and use.

Experience: Over 20 years of research into natural treatments for skin, scalp and hair disorders
Reply:I have slightly dry skin around my cheeks. What I've found is the best thing to do is NOT to wash your face with foam or exfoliators. This causes irritation and dryness. Some face washes have salicylic acid which causes dryness for acne, try to buy something without it. And moisturizers, my personal favorite is Aveeno. It may be expensive but it's worth it. My face is a lot less dry because of it. Apply it after a shower, so that your pores are nice and open to absorb the moisture. And have one with natural ingredients, instead of fakes.
Reply:you need to use moisterizer !!!!
Reply:Side effect.

Sounds like Acutane side effect.

Speak to your doctor or pharmacist.
Reply:then better u always wash ur face.. or there is a product at to clean ur face... try this its free of cost... and u can down load from net and copy to cd and use it dry skin become wet like oill...... any way kindhadhi tisukoni pina pusuko
Reply:use oliver oil..put it on the dry works really good
Reply:Try a good lotion right after you wash. Or if the lotion doesn't do it, there's an oil that I found in a local nutrition store that might help.

Good luck!
Reply:I think I get dry skin on my face from shaving, so I use Nivea Creme. It works really well, just use it a few times a day.
Reply:Sounds like you need something that can cover the dry area and lock moisture in so it can heal. Try using Balmex or Desatin Diaper rash ointment on it when you sleep at night. This will lock in your natural skin's moisture. If the thought of putting diaper rash ointment on your face doesn't sound good you could also try vasoline. Use a thick layer and don't "rub" it in, just layer it on thickly. Then during the day you could alternate by using a moisturizer that is specially formulated for sensitive skin-putting it on throughout the day. Also, cutting out anything that may dehydrate you such as caffeine,smoking, alcohol,etc. can help your skin heal faster too.