Thursday, November 19, 2009

Burn on face with curling

recently i burned my face with the curling iron, i didnt think much of it since it barely brushed my face but now its all brown, ugly and nasty, it also feels hot to the touch does anybody know what i can do to make it heal faster? or if i will be left with a scar?

Burn on face with curling
go to the pharmacy and they have an ointment that reduces the risk of scaring...ask the pharmacist. Other wise keep vitamin e ointment and cocoa butter on it.
Reply:Try putting Vasoline on it, it should help. And if you are worried about scaring use Vitamin E.
Reply:Use an antibiotic ointment or cream to heal the skin at first. Something like generic bacitracin or Neosporin - both available at the pharmacy. After the skin heals, there's a product called Mederma that will reduce possible scarring of the tissue significantly. Hope this helps!
Reply:i've been there before use neosporin. it will heal the wound.
Reply:don't worry ...I did that myself once .If you have vitamin e ointment or even an aloe plant at home you can apply it as a topical treatment. its sometimes used for diaper rashes .
Reply:i got a curling iron burn on my arm 14 years ago so I suggest getting some mederma which used to be available from your dr. by prescription only but is now over the counter at places like cvs and walgreens--it is to put on places so that they will not scar as badly or hopefully not at all--if you can't find it ask the pharmacist or someone who works there to help you--I think it is rather expensive though.
Reply:aloe vera gel

For future reference, whenever you are burned, soak a towel in ice cold water applying it to the burn immediately if possible, as this will take away any further burning by absorbing heat. Keep it on the burn for at least five minutes. As you now know, the skin is rather easy to burn.

But as for what to do now, application of neo-sporin topical antiseptic will speed healing, and prevent infection. Do not bandage, this will retard healing. All you can do now is hope for the best....the damage has been done. Be sure to reapply antiseptic after washing, and every night before bed, and it goes to reason.....stay out of the sun as far as possible. Good luck. G.
Reply:OUCH. I did that a lot when I used one, go to Electric Curlers, but until then, go to the drug store and get some antibiotic cream, that will keep the infection at bay. As for it leaving a scar you would have to had burned your face pretty darn bad for that to happen.
Reply:Shea Butter is the best for healing burns anywhere.
Reply:vitamin E is good for the skin so maybe that will help. and dont pick at the scab b/c they leave scars.
Reply:Use a cold compress followed by Aloe.
Reply:dont try to put anything with grease or oil on it it will just cook n swell up with water trust me it happened to me once but mine was hot iron outhc! try ice pack or somethin
Reply:Cold water, soft application, keep dry and clean till you see your DOCTOR

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